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After beating this game 3 times in a row (yes, I played that much of this game) there's definitely a lot to say about the game.
It's a very unique game, I like the idea of it and it was made very well, I love how simple yet complex it is with it's mechanic, especially being able to click x and z to switch into different forms. It's the kind of game that I feel like i could make myself, with a simple yet refined art style and a very easy to play, but hard to master game. It's kinda funny how you can use the abilities before you learn how to use them, I feel like if this game ever gets updated they should make it so you cant use it until you reach the point in the game where you're supposed to, because it feels like you shouldn't be able to do it. The difficulty curve within the game is quite good, with levels progressively getting more and more difficult, with some more annoying ones sprinkled into it. Even though there were some challenges, i finished the game the first time in 30 minutes, and my times kept cutting down from there, with my third attempt only taking less than 13 minutes.The more you play the game, the easier it gets, but it's the kind of simple game that's still fun to play, even when playing it before.
The music in this game is amazing, I loved listening to it while I played through the game. I've been a fan of 1f1n1ty's music for a couple of years now, and I can safely say that the tracks in this game are very good. It's nice to hear that there was effort put into the tracks, especially since you hear them throughout the whole game.
The only problem I had with the game is that it feels like the hitboxes are weird, but that's more of a thing I feel because of other similar games. The jumping mechanics are easy to get used to though, so the problem isn't that big in the whole scheme of things. The trail that follows the character is useful to see why you died, so the game works well with that.
The difficulty in this game never got too hard, a game like Celeste is way more difficult, but comparing this to it is unfair because they're different kinds of platformers. You have less movement options in this game, but its made up by the fact that you can change forms and change how you jump. You can jump high and fall fast with z and somewhat hover with x, which was fun. At first I felt like there could be more mechanics than that, but I realized after they were used with each other that adding any other form would make the game a whole lot harder, if having to click three buttons instead of only two to change into different forms.
Overall, this was an enjoyable game that is a nice way to spend some time, and even though I had a lot to say about the game, it's better to play the game and see it for yourself. It's a well made game, and it was very enjoyable to play for the short amount of time you could play it. If this game had a level editor or something, i'd definitely play it again, but for now it was an enjoyable hour of me beating the game three times because I enjoyed it. I believe that I'm the first one to beat it? I've got no clue though, but congrats to the people who have beaten it!
Good luck to 1f1n1ty if they ever try to make another game or more levels on this, he did a good job on this one, and good job to tesseract for helping with it! (Idk how much they both did, but they both made a really fun game to play in the end, one that's quite unique)
Thank you for reading this if you did, i've got more thoughts on the game but I think I've said enough about the game already. It's not a perfect game, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

1f1n1ty responds:

Hey, thanks for the thoughts!

Oh yeah, Tesseract actually said during the jam that he wanted to figure out a way to disable elements before their official introductions, but we saved it for after the jam because we needed the time to produce more vital pieces of the core gameplay. Could've gone back and added it in, but I forgot about it...

Celeste is also not an autoscroller :P but yes Celeste as a precision platformer game is a big inspiration! We had ideas for other mechanics that we could have added, but in the time allotted for the game jam we couldn't get it all down.

I... would have to play around with a level editor, because I have no idea how to make one of those heh

But yeah thanks for the review! Tesseract definitely deserves a lot of credit, a lot of his input was really valuable and much of the more complex art you see in the game was drawn by him.

Ive finally completed this game! Its really buggy but it has some fun parts! aka none
this took two hours
f u n t i m e s

1f1n1ty responds:


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One of my favorite songs, I really love how this song is! I really hope you upload more songs because they're amazing! I cant believe that it only took almost 12 hours in total to make this all over multiple months, it seems like it would take way longer. Great job overall :D

This is a great remix, one of the best i've heard! Its so interesting how you remade this, seeing as it mostly seems like a different song entirely! And props to you for doing this in two days, I couldn't even make something like this in a year! Seriously though this is awesome and keep up the great work, cant wait until you're able to make more :D

djhoneyb responds:

Glad you liked! Yup, the entire purpose was to make a song with a different feeling, like "regretting" one.

This is a really great song and there's nothing you could really add to it, it sounds phenomenal, great job :D, really wish i could make something like this one, but oh well xD

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